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Set your video recorder, perhaps

Hi everyone

Here is a link to the BBC’s list of language programs for use in secondary schools to be aired this year.

You can even get Hallo aus Berlin in January!


Teacher’s pet etc!

Here’s the link (just in case you forgot!)

Here are some other links to websites full of free things for teachers

(download at the bottom)

For Podcasting (I don’t have much idea about this yet, but just in case you ever look into this in the future!):

More random resources

film-adverts.doc …  Film ads in French + English

furniture-labels.doc …  Does what it says on the tin! (French)

irregverbdice.doc … Template for dice to put whatever you like on.  These have verbs on for pupils to conjugate but you can change them to anything you like…

Nikki x

Promoting language learning


Here is a link to a tv report aired this Sunday – be quick because I’m not sure if the link disappears every week or not! It’s taken from the politics show on the BBC (this show is based here in Yorkshire so is particularly relevant) and explores the possibility of business being affected by the fact that ‘languages are no longer compulsory for GCSE candidates …’. It is actually very positive and gives real and local examples to support the fact that languages are vital for the British economy and those seeking employment in industry. It is being used in my school to influence pupils choosing their options. The TV show (there is a link to this) is all positive. The article ‘silence is not golden’ (there is also a link to this) does, however, suggest French and German aren’t that useful now – so perhaps do not read this with a class!

It is all one link – you’ll need to put the two halves together in the web address bar! Sorry!


powerpoint on the colours for Y7

Hi everybody!!

Here is a powerpoint I’ve done on the colours, I’ve added some authentic materials like landscapes of the Alpes and a picture of “le marche aux fleurs” in the old Nice…

just in case it could be of use to you…

celine xx

IT help!


Hope all is well… just to let you know that if you go to the IT department of your school they may be able to give you ‘something to do with the sm.boards or prom.boards’ to help you at home. You can also download the smartboard software online (so I’ve been told).

Cheers Nikki and Rowena for those !!

el x

Millionaire/Weakest Link/Generation Game PPT

Try these… you can put in whatever answers you like for Millionaire and whatever images you want to fly past on the Generation Game! Enjoy! Nikki x




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